Revenue and occupancy rate rose in summer – Casino de Montreal-Canada

After undergoing five-year long recession, the Loto-Québec-operated “Casino de Montreal” is currently gaining profits. The spokesman of the corporation, Patrice Lavoie, said that the aforementioned casino saw revenue and attendance rate rose in summer. From June to the first week of August, the number of gamblers visiting Casino de Montreal increased by 1.8% while that of revenue ascended by 4.5%. This summer, there was a noticeable flow of tourists making the trip to the metropolis, which boosted attendance in casinos. And by the end of the summer season, “Tourisme Montreal” expects 7 to 10% increase in the number of American tourists visiting the region.

It is also worth noting that the increase in number of tourists this summer has largely been influenced by a favorable exchange rate and lower gasoline prices. Thus, numerous were the American tourists crossing the border to visit Canada and especially Québec. According to Patrice Lavoie, US $1,125,000 were changed at “Casino de Montreal” from April 1. In comparison with the same period last year, the casino and its slot machines only recorded a mere US $ 300,000 in volume of changes. Additionally, the annual visitation for “Casino de Montreal” has climbed up from 4,041,000 in 2010 to 4,810,000 this summer 2015.

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