Queensland : Issuance of casino licenses heavily criticized

Queensland central authority decision to accelerate the granting of two casino operating licenses to Aquis Resort and ASF Consortium, in Australia, was not welcomed by the local people. The first envisions building a $ 8 billion worth casino facility where free casino games won’t be available in Cairns while the second plans to invest an estimated $ 7.5 billion in Gold Coast Broadwater over a new complex hotel & casino. Although the issuance of these licenses has not yet been officially communicated, many people have already expressed their concern about the matter and have severely criticized the decision.

Denis Walls, the Head of “Coalition of Concerned Citizens” is very upset about that government decision. According to him, the State did not listen to the others’ opinion, including those of the group he leads. As a reminder, the “Coalition of Concerned Citizens” association is positioning itself against the implantation of casinos for the simple reason that it would harmfully affect the nature and the environment. In the opposite of land based casino, online casinos don’t bring such a bad effect while they offer slots bonus casino.

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