Only 2 years left for legal online casino and poker activity – Germany

Germany is a country with a fairly specific online gambling regulation compared to other countries of Europe. In January 2008, 16 States (Länder) of the Federal Germany ratified a common treaty on the regulation of online gambling which touch only sport betting, online casino and poker are not yet included. But this treaty was quickly replaced by another one in July 2012 due to an… more

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Pennsylvania is considering the legalization – Online poker

The members of Congress from Pennsylvania have recently followed the steps of their Californian counterparts for the legalization and regulation of internet gambling like online casino. A few weeks ago, the elected people proceeded to the Gaming Control Board in order to see clearer on the interests of a potential regulation of online gambling. The Congress wants especially to gather opinions on the technical and… more

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A progression on liquidity sharing – French online poker

The presentation by the French government of its famous “Digital Agenda” held a few days ago at Gaïté Lyrique in Paris was another opportunity for the government to show its willingness to solve the problem of liquidity sharing on the European online poker market. For the moment, online casino is not yet in the program. The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls announced that the draft… more

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The online poker market also in decline – Spain

In the European Union, France is not the only country to suffer from downturn of online poker market. A few weeks ago, the Spanish players went on virtual strike to draw attention of the authorities in charge to clarify the situation. Since the crisis hit the online poker market in many European countries, French and Spanish players have engaged in the same struggle. This is… more

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NetBet is most known for its quality services and reliability – Online poker

A media report released recently showed that the number of online poker rooms in France is steadily increasing. To date, there are about a dozen legit platforms. NetBet is actually listed among the most wanted rooms thanks to its commitment to satisfying online poker enthusiasts. Despite the fact that online poker industry is undergoing alarming revenue slump, many operators along with a certain category of… more

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