Pennsylvania is considering the legalization – Online poker

The members of Congress from Pennsylvania have recently followed the steps of their Californian counterparts for the legalization and regulation of internet gambling like online casino. A few weeks ago, the elected people proceeded to the Gaming Control Board in order to see clearer on the interests of a potential regulation of online gambling. The Congress wants especially to gather opinions on the technical and economic aspects that may lead to the development of a draft text. During the audition, members of the Gaming Control Board have mainly revealed to the elected people that twelve months is sufficient to install the controlling tools and the connection of liquidity between players of different States which have agreed to legalize online poker.

As for the conditions for issuing licenses to operators, stakeholders have particularly advocated formula already adopted by some States, namely, the actual coupling of casino and gaming site or online poker site. Apart from the technical aspects and terms of issuing licenses, the speakers also detailed the financial element of a possible liberalization of the sector. Experts expect an increase in cash income of the State with an estimated amount of 130 million dollars annually, based on figures produced by operators of New Jersey. It is especially this financial argument that advocates to the legalization of online poker.

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