Las Vegas Club shut its doors down – Las Vegas-USA

Las Vegas Club, a famed gaming facility located in downtown Las Vegas (United States), along the Main and Fremont Streets, has just closed its doors. Curiously enough, those of its poker room were shut down seven years earlier, in 2007. The facility has recently been acquired by the Stevens brothers “Derek and Greg” as an additional premise to their “The D Las Vegas” and the “Golden Gate Hotel” properties. The historic gaming premise began life in 1930. It ended operation late on Thursday night with a few loyal customers playing video poker and slots. The curtain-fall day had “nostalgia” as its theme. One of the guests in attendance, John Mehaffey, cherished that he has become Las Vegas Club regular after he was seduced by its video poker and slot machines. He also praised the professionalism and friendliness of the casino’s employees.

On Thursday night, two local casino-goers, Mark Harlan and Leslie Dill, won a jackpot of $ 500 each by playing video poker. No information about the future of the Stevens-owned Las Vegas Club is available yet. Derek Stevens, for his part, recently announced that the time is not ripe enough to unveil their project. By all accounts, an imminent reopening is highly expected. As a reminder, Las Vegas Club is the second casino ending operation this year in the Sin City. The Riviera, another sumptuous gaming space on the Strip, was the first to do so.

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