Introducing Turn & Burn Craps, a new table game – River Rock Casino

River Rock Casino has just introduced a new gaming terminal that appears as a combination between slot machines and table games, named “Turn & Burn Craps”. Players won’t toss a dice with the new electronic table game, a variant which is prohibited in all casinos across California. Optimistic, River Rock CEO, David Fendrick, said he felt confindent that the game would appeal to local gaming community, an evidence to which it would lure other gaming facilities into attraction. For now, the Turn & Burn Craps is exclusively operated at the Dry Creek tribe-owned casino, in Geyserville.

The Turn & Burn Craps has been certified by Gaming Laboratories International, and was approved by Dry Creek’s gaming commission. The course of the game: a Turn & Burn table is available for up to eight players for a minimum bet of $ 5 each. A computer-activated random number generator determines the outcome of the game. You notch a win by matching the winning combination on the digital monitor with a pair of virtual dice you roll. Turn & Burn actually comes as an addition to the 18 table games and 1,150 slot machines available now in the casino. River Rock officials said that it would help the facility compete with Graton Resort, a glitzy casino west of Rohnert Park. Since Graton’s opening in November 2013, Sonoma County’s first Indian casino, River Rock, has seen its revenue tumbling down to 50%.

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