Four operators interested in the casino market before its legalization – Georgia

The construction of a hotel complex with casino in downtown Atlanta interested many operators according to Mayor Kasim Reed. MGM Resorts International was the first to have expressed its intention to operate in the city, but three other major casino gaming companies have joined it since. The mayor personally do not like the idea of a casino in the capital of Georgia, it is not for nothing that Las Vegas is Las Vegas. But the governor Nathan Deal supports the idea, and it would be a bad deal for tax if they don’t to listen to these proposals especially at a time when the city needs other sources of income and a strong creation of job.

Two weeks earlier, MGM confirmed its interest in building a resort and casino in the city center near the Georgia Dome. The project is estimated at $ 1.1 billion and will create 3,500 permanent jobs. Kasim Reed announced on Thursday that Turner Field is one of the potential sites for the construction of a casino. Recently, two local gaming companies and a third based overseas asked to meet with the mayor of Atlanta to talk about their casino project. For recall, casino game is currently prohibited in Georgia. However, a constitutional amendment to allow a limited number of casinos in Georgia has already been presented to the legislators of the State in March and will be subject to a referendum with all the State’s electors.

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