Condado Plaza Hilton shut its out down – Puerto Rico

Condado Plaza Hilton, one of the glam-and-glitzy casinos in Puerto Rico closed its doors last Wednesday after over 40 years of operations and contribution to the economic development of the island. Struggling to survive amidst the recession the island is facing, Condado Plaza Hilton laid off 144 employees from its workforce. Though benefiting from a fantastic sea-side setting, the casino felt suffocated due to a drastic drop in revenues. According to reliable sources, the casino which opened in 1975 will be re-shaped into a ballroom.

Information published by Puerto Rico’s Hotel & Tourism Association showed that Condado Plaza Hilton is the seventh casino to stop operation in the past 5 years. At the time being, only 20 gambling facilities remain operational. Of course, Condado Plaza Hilton’s closure will worsen the current unemployment rate in the island. From the laid-off employees’s point of view, they were the victim of a fatal decision by the government’s incompetency. They are now planning to claim their dues. As a large portion of the tax revenues from the facility and its casino games benefits the University of Puerto Rico, the shutdown will severely put the island’s largest public in a critical hassle. Worse, it would wreak havoc with a possible increase in the number of illegal gambling rooms. By carrying out occasional raids, local police reportedly seized 45,000 illegal slot machines lately.

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