Cascades Casino’s official opening rescheduled to mid-August – Kamloops-Canada

The now under-construction Cascades Casino in Kamloops, Canada, was planned to celebrate its grand opening in a week. Due to construction delay, the great day is postponed to August 19. According to Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, the company owning the casino, it was originally set to open on 29 July, but late delivery of some key construction materials prompted the operator to reschedule the inauguration. Despite all this, Cascades Casino’s planned goodbye celebration to be held at Lake City Casino on July 19 will proceed, Gateway spokesman “Tanya Gabara” said. Paralleling this, the this Victoria Street casino will remain open until the new casino is ready for operations.

Cascades Casino is a great gaming complex that will feauture Gateway’s Match Eatery, a bar, a full-service buffet and a luxury restaurant. Speaking of gaming services, Cascades will hold 500 slot machines and a series of table games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker’s. The plan also includes a 500-seat amphitheatre, the completion of which will not be due when the casino opens on August 19. According Gabara, the project has not been abandoned. For the moment, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment keeps working on the key features for its hospitality and gaming services, she added.

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