Blue Horizon Casino Cruise to stop in Palm Beach – Florida

The Port of Palm Beach, Florida (USA) will be vibrating soon. Actually, cruise ship “Blue Horizon Casino Cruise” will heat up the whole port with its live entertainment, its fresh buffet and a plethora of gaming services on board. The formerly-known-as-Island Breeze cruise ship will cruise along with 600 passengers to various locations. It will operate six days a week with Mondays off. Its stop in Palm Beach, Florida, is surely a not-to-be-missed opportunity for local gamblers to legally and fully indulge in their favorite games. Craps, sports betting, roulette and poker games are part of those gaming services on offer.

Note that the ship is now owned by the Puerto Rico-based gaming company “SourcePoint LLC”. The latter was granted a license to operate games on board. Plus, LLC is currently waiting for a go-ahead to offer alcoholic beverages with which it can actually improve its services and better satisfy its cruise-loving clients. According to RobertWeisberg, SunCruz Casino’s former Manager, LLC has everything to run the cruise ship and is able to operate it clock-round. Recall that the Riviera port will pull in about $ 80,000 of parking fees along with $ 730,000 of passenger fees. Blue Horizon Casino Cruise’s arrival in Florida is expected to be within a week or in10 days.

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