AG Maura Healey asked regulators to delay Wynn casino’s permit approval – Everett

The $ 1.7 billion casino proposal in Everett has been generating a buzz in the State of Massachusetts these days. In 2014, developer Wynn Resorts was granted a license to run a casino in Everett. However, it would need another permit to turn its project a reality. As a reminder, This Wynn casino would create 4,000 construction jobs and 4,000 permanent positions, along with tens of millions of dollars in taxes to the state. As mentioned in the statement by Attorney General Maura Healey on Monday, the state via Massachusetts Department of Transportation regulators should consider carrying out in-depth traffic study before granting Wynn Resorts its environmental permit. Healey underlined that a thorough traffic study is needed since the casino site is located along a junction of several major roads that would certainly trigger negative traffic impacts.

As a response to Healey’s filing to delay license issuance process to Wynn Resorts and its casino proposal, the developer highlighted in a statement that they have carefully conducted all required studies over 19-month period to ensure compliance with the applicable laws. After all, Wynn Resort has included in its obligations a $ 10.9 million investment to upgrade Sullivan Square. It would be used to improve traffic signals, widen roads, reconstruct sidewalks and build new bus-only lane.

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