The state hit a record-breaking revenue figure during the 2013-2014 fiscal year – Kansas

The 2013-2014 fiscal year was simply fruitful for casinos in Kansas State. Its state-run gaming rooms are among the most frequented facilities by local gamblers as well as visitors. In comparison with the number of established gaming rooms in the neighboring states, that of Kansas is relatively tiny. Actually, the state is home to only 8 casinos, 3 of which are state-operated ones. As mentioned in the latest report released by the Kansas Lottery, casino and lottery gambling revenues hit a record-breaking increase during the currently-ended fiscal year. It saw an enticing revenue figure of $ 155 million.

Kansas actually pulled in $ 80 million of profits from the three state-operated casinos that are respectively located in Kansas City, Mulvane and Dodge City. As refered to what has been expected, it exceeds about $ 1.3 million. Recall that 22% of the those casino revenues will be added to the state’s coffer. According to Kansas lottery officials, the lottery ticket sales rose by 2.2% to $ 264 million. As for the total revenue figure generated by the three casinos, it is amounted to $ 365 million. Of course, the state general fund would receive 29.5% of those lottery ticket sales.

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