The Gambling Commission legalizes online betting – Belgium

According to a recent legislation on gambling in Belgium, virtual betting offer is therefore completely legal on sport betting websites. All over the territory of the country, this type of service is offered by many agencies of online gambling as an alternative to horse betting, sports betting and online casino which have many followers. However, the new legislation aims to be more precise in its implementing rules. Thus according to certain provisions of that text, virtual betting should be organized only within class IV establishments. Thus, no virtual betting may be offered in bookstores or any mobile business class IV.

The new law also requires that whatever the type of online betting proposed in this virtual form, the organizer of it must be able to ensure the preservation of the results for a period to keep it in case of potential litigation. Note also that this new law specifically defines the definition of a virtual bet. According to the Article 2, a bet is a stake of an amount of money that can generate a gain or a loss depending on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event that does not depend on the will of the player, or the organizer of the bet. By this definition, therefore, the bettor is called to make a real bet on a real event, so casino games are excluded.

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