The country is ripe enough to house its first-ever casino – Vietnam

A $ 870 million casino project is expected to break ground in Vietnam by early 2020. The news has gained momentum among the country’s media for weeks. Despite the increasing interest of many investors to operate in the Vietnam gambling market, the country has always maintained its position not to allow any casino proposal from going forward. Hence, playing casino game remains an offense in Vietnam. Oddly, such a casino project is not actually aimed at developing local gaming market, nor prompting local citizens to gamble. Plus, the current casino playing ban is likely not to be lifted for soon. In fact, the first ever casino facility in Vietnam would be geared towards a totally different and profitable market.

Being in relative proximity to Macau, Vietnam embodies an exceptionally profitable casino potential. Vingroup, the gaming company owned by Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong is on the lookout for ways to attract Macau-based wealthy players while making Vietnam Asia’s leading destination for gambling activities. According to reliable sources, the casino in question will be built in a 870 hectare land that would feature a spacious gaming area with slot machine, gaming table, a number of private villas, an entertainment venue and a golf course. Alongside that list, high rollers players and VIP alike from Macao would have their own spaces in the same complex.

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