The CJH received a voluntary exclusion request – Belgium

Belgium is one of the most successful European countries in terms of legit gambling market. From the very first day when sports betting, casino games and online poker industries were officially legalized, the country’s gaming market has relatively gained momentum. However, the new impetus has created some negative drawbacks, including gambling addiction. This week, Belgium’s Gaming Commission Board “CJH” received a voluntary exclusion request filed by a 81 years-old mum. The native of County of Flanders actually submitted the request to the CJH. Her son repordedly filled in the content. Some sources quoted that the old mum of 81 has spent a fortune playing National Lottery games.

This voluntary exclusion request is the first of its kind in Belgium. Oddly, since the very inception of lottery and gambling industry in general in Belgium, no one has ever been listed in such a record. Accordingly, the CJH declined jurisdiction to rule on the matter. Reality is that the current gaming regulations feature no related judicial frameworks that would allow the CJH to prohibit a player from wagering on National Lottery games and slot machine. The commission would only assert its competency when dealing with purely explicit gambling-related issues. In any case, the CJH is responsible for setting up problem gaming prevention measures both on online gaming platforms and land-based casinos.

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