Studio City Macau to open late this year – Macau

The Las Vegas-styled “Studio City Macau” is a new Hollywood-feel casino project located off the Cotai Strip, in Macau (China). At the time being, the casino itself, along with its top venue, a gigantic Ferris wheel, are still under-construction. Recall that an investment value of $ 3.2 billion is being used to make the project a reality. Not only will Studio City Macau be the city’s most attractive casino facility but also it can be the region’s top destination for entertainment and relaxation activities. Needless to say, it boasts 1,600 hotel rooms.

Studio City Macau has a truly exceptional attraction with its outdoor ride. Named “Golden Reel”, the gigantic Ferris wheel features 17 cars that can hold 10 passengers each. Studio’s customers willing to have some fun with this giant ride can do so from the hotel’s 23rd floor. Of course, the best of a fairground ride experience is guaranteed. Ditto for a fantastic view of the city. The figure-8 Golden Reel is actually being implemented to ensure compliance with the guidelines by the Chinese gaming regulators. They have called for more non-gaming venues and family-friendly attractions. Golden Reel is currently undergoing mechanical and user safety-related tests.

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