River Rock Casino to introduce a new electronic table game – California

As a fruit of over a year development, River Rock Casino in Alexander Valley (California- USA) has come up with a new gaming terminal. With a view to bolster its customer base, the gaming facility will soon include a brand-new electronic table game named “Turn & Burn Craps” as part of its services on offer. Player-friendly and very entertaining, playing Turn & Burn craps does not require special skills, River Rock Chief Executive Officer, David Fendrick, said. The game is actually a derivative version of the traditional table game of craps, a combination of slot machine and table games. Unlike the classic one, Turn & Burn does not include dice-tossing, one of the prohibited gaming variants in California.

Up to 8 players can actually share the same Turn & Burn Craps table game. The minimum bet is set at $ 5. Speaking of the course of the game, a random number generator determines the outcome. Its activation is computer-operated. Alongside the winning combination that appears on the digital monitor, a pair of virtual dice are rolled. Compared to a classic craps game, Turn & Burn is played with only one virtual role. According to sources, the game has been certified by Gaming Laboratories International. After multiple testings, it received approval from Dry Creek Gaming Commission. River Rock Casino remains on the go to develop innovative gaming terminals.

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