Players of Horseshoe casino Cleveland are very lucky – Ohio

The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, Ohio said its players have been very lucky during the month of June. Effectively, a big part of those who played at this gaming establishment won the jackpot. The spokesman of Horseshoe Cleveland, Shanonn Mortland, had just communicated a quite unibelievable record. According to the latter, the turnover of the gambling facility has experienced a 25% decline in June, not because of fall of attendance but because the number of winner at slot machine and poker has increased. Indeed, if the income recorded in its games was $ 17 million in May, it was 14.4 million in June. The receipts taken from table games amounted only $ 4.3 million.

A priori, June is the month of chance for fans of gambling who visited this establishment of Cleveland because three casinos located near the Horseshoe Cleveland knew also the same situation. This information was published by the Ohio Lottery Commission. It turns out that the receipts of games at Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park fell to $ 16.7 million, while in May it was 18.7 million. So there is a drop of about $ 2 million. A stability was however noted at casinos in Cincinnati and Toledo.

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