No restrictions on casino construction in Coloane – Macau

The Secretary of Economy and Finance in Macao, Lionel Vai Tac Leong, made a statement to explain certain clauses of the law on games of chance. He indicated that the legislation in question does not impose any restrictions on casino construction in Coloane, a localized area near Cotai. However, he said the government has yet received a request thereto. M Leong also said that if such a project was born, the government should conduct a meticulous study and seek the views of residents before delivering its verdict.

This press release is a response to the information released by the Portuguese channel Radio Macau. The latter announced that some parts of the country could not accommodate a casino under the legislation in force. It also responds to the concerns of legislators and the investigation by the legislator Au Kam San. The latter wanted to know if the planned hotels in Coloane consider offering casino games. He specifically referred to the Louis XIII hotel which plans to build a casino with 66 gaming tables. For information, Coloane is the last green space in Macau and legislators are concerned about its future. M Leong has made clear that no formal request is submitted by the owner of the future hotel complex.

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