Montrond Casino to operate touch-screen gaming machines

Casino operator “JOA” acquired Montrond-les-Bains Casino in 2012. After two years of renovation work, the casino opened in 2014 and has kept diversifying its offerings to reach a broader customer base. Since last week, the new JOA-run Montrond-les-Bains Casino offers a new gaming machine coming straight from Macau. Montrond has bolstered its services with this touch-screen and interactive gaming machine in addition to its 12 new multigame slots and 1 electronic roulette. According to the casino’s communication and marketing official, Nathaly Dufour, the facility has reached another milestone with the new acquisition. The new machine is already gaining popularity among players in various countries, especially in Macau, the China’s Las Vegas-styled gaming destination. But it is the first time the machine lands in France.

Montrond Casino is still in an experimental phase with this new electronic machine. Optimistic, JOA team hopes it will lure numbers of local players into attraction, along with those who are currently enjoying electronic machines, video slots, video poker … in the casino. For lovers of classic casino games, Montrond-les-Bains Casino makes available to them 225 slot machines, 3 poker tables, 3 Black Jack tables, 2 English-styled roulettes and 1 scoop table.

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