Madrid: A clandestine casino facility cracked by the Spanish Police

While Spain’s most vibrant city, Madrid, is known for its plethora of luxurious casinos offering an enticing range of gaming services, some residents still choose the unlawful way by joining illegal gambling establishments. Recently, the Spanish police announced they have dismantled a clandestine casino in downtown Madrid. According to sources, the police received information from legitimate casino owners denouncing illegal gambling operations in secret places. After an investigation carried out by the police, they raided the suspicious underground location, which is said to be located behind the facade of another building.

According to investigators, illegal players would enter the gaming room with an invitation and escorted in by two security agents. The raided gaming facility reportedly featured two rooms, one with eight card-game tables, and the other had two, all dedicated to VIP patrons. This VIP-only gambling facility has beautiful hostesses serving gamblers. Following the police raid, an official statement was released on Thursday, mentioning that 100 people involved in this illegal gambling operations were apprehended. The police also said they seized cash as well as gaming equipment.

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