Land-based casinos are enjoying a modest revenue increase – Great Britain

A recent finding about Great Britain’s land-based casino market was made public early this week. It actually shows a revenue forecast by the year 2019, especially that of brick-and-mortar casinos across the country. The finding in question highlights a 4.13% revenue increase between 2015 and 2019. Optimistic as the forecast is, it includes a series of explanations that lends credibility to the core content, among which the way British gamblers are currently embracing casino gaming. Indeed, in the past couple of years, casino gaming did not appeal to the majority of British people. These days, things are changing.

The report also revealed a promising increase in the number of players. For years, only men would indulge themselves in casino games. Today, about 50% of regular customers joining land-based casinos are women. There is also another optimistic point mentioned in the finding: the popularity of the game among younger players. Slot machines remain the No.1 choice by British gamblers. However, both elderly and young players enjoy playing table games, namely blackjack, roulette and lots more. The same finding underlines that the majority of British people see casino games as any other entertainment game despite other prejudices.

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