Imperial Pacific International acquired a casino license – Saipan

The gambling operator, Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd., based in Hong Kong has finally won the license to operate a casino in Saipan, an island of the Commonwealth in the Mariana Islands. However, the company is expected to follow a large number of processes in order to fully realize its initial project which is to create a large resort in the city. Note that the casino game project was the subject of a heated debate in the region. Many opposed people believe that the leisure site will infringe the sacred place where the graves are located. The company is committed to follow the regulations to obtain the proper permit in the construction area.

Pending the completion of all legal procedures to create the complex game, Imperial Pacific will open a temporary casino before the end of September 2015. According to an official of the company, Imperial Pacific intends to create a large recreational site with a mega casino and a large hotel and it will invest more than $ 7 billion in the project. The gaming facility will bring the Grand Mariana Casino and Hotel Resort name and will be located in Garapan, Saipan. Its luxurious hotel will include 254 rooms. The construction began since July 15 and will last 16 months.

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