Echo Entertainment obtained the license to operate a casino in Brisbane – Australia

After careful selection, the committee finally decided to grant the license to build and operate a casino in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, to Echo Entertainment. The Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuck, announced that Echo project has satisfied the conditions required by the community and the consortium. She announced the verdict. During her speech, the head of government also thanked the other two operators who have filed their nominations. Note that each of them has received support from former Prime Minister Campbell Newman and his deputy Jeff Seeney. Both have long fought to legalize casino construction in this Australian city.

Still according to Palaszczuck, the construction phase of Brisbane casino will generate 80,000 jobs. Other positions will be also created at the opening of the establishment. Note that Echo Entertainment is a trader based in Hong Kong. Besides being the manager of Treasure Casino, it also holds a license to build a casino in the city of Gold Coast. The operator plans to renovate Jupiters Hotel and Casino. The new Brisbane gaming destination that will include the Echo Entertainment brand will be equipped with hotels, restaurants, shops and a casino. Construction work will begin in 2017 and the construction phase is expected to last between 6 to 10 years.

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