Crown Casino accused of prompting underages to gamble – Melbourne, Australia

Located along the Yarra River, Melbourne’s Crown Casino has been enjoying notorious popularity among gambling fans in Australia. Tourists hold a great part of its customer base; moreover, the facility regularly plays host to major poker tournaments. Recently, the casino was accused of inciting underage clients to play and that, via its “Family Entrance” sign. The said “Family entrance sign” is actually a winning formula that clothes the facility with a family friendly environment status through an entrance that leads to a restaurant. Green arrows are in use to provide guidance to families willing to relax and have some fun in the establishment.

The president of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce “Tim Costello” along with the chair for the Viuctorian Interchurch Gambling Taskforce “Mark Zirnsak” severely criticized this casino initiative. According to them, the casino is betting on attracting young people to gamble. Costello added that a casino should not tag itself as a family friendly zone while operating gambling services. Crown Casino rejected the allegations and argued that the Family Entrance sign leads directly to its restaurant. In any case, more arguments are needed to raise awarness of such allegation. Any way, Costello’s opinions were seriously taken into great account by the Victorian Government.

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