Condado Plaza Hilton, the 7th casino which closed its doors in 5 years – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a country where tourism plays an important role in the economy. The tourism industry has developed strongly in recent years and everyone believes that casino games are there for something, even if 90% of players are local. Indeed, this US territory is one of the preferred destinations of players. But Puerto Rico has not been spared by the crisis and that was reflected on the casino industry leading to the closure of several of them. The Condado Plaza Hilton Casino in San Juan is the last to close its doors on July 22, a blow to the economy and especially for the employees of this establishment opened 24 hours in a row for nearly 40 years.

The General Manager of Condado Plaza Hotel, Raul Bustamente, officially announced this decision of the management following a decline in business of slot machines by about 40% over the past decade. Bustamante announced that the casino closure has led to the dismissal of 144 people working in this resort located in the tourist area of Condado. Hotel and Tourism Association of Puerto Rico announced that the Condado Plaza Hilton casino is the seventh casino which had closed over the past five years on the island. The government says the closure of these casinos is caused by the supply of existence of illegal gambling across the island, about 45,000 machines. The government has already seized hundreds of machines during occasional raid.

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