Casinos are very substantial – Cambodia

Cambodia, a country that is fast becoming one of the leading destinations for Asian gambling, released this week a semi-annual review of the gaming industry in the country. Compared with 2014, a 20% increase in taxes related to casino games was recorded by the State. This growth is attributed by the Cambodian government to the opening policy initiated in recent years. Note, however, that most of Cambodian casinos are located along the border with Thailand. One can easily understand that the market benefited from the influx of players from the neighboring country because until now, the Cambodian law prohibits national ones to play casino games.

Just over $ 12 million in the first half in 2015 against $ 10 million for the same period last year, is the figure published by the Cambodian government on the amount of taxes paid in the State coffers for the first six months. This increase is mainly due to the massive issuance of new licenses operated in recent years. Sure, Cambodia casinos are composed mainly of small establishments, but most of them have recorded growing sales in the first two quarters of 2015. The largest casino in the country belonging to the group Naga Corp, for example, achieved a turnover increase of around 40% since the beginning of this year.

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