Berck-Le Touquet experienced revenue slump – Partouche

In recent years, the Partouche group-owned Berck Le Touquet Casino has been undergoing a difficult situation that is likely to get worse and worse year-on-year. As mentioned in the gaming establishment’s annual revenue report, the City Council announced that its net revenue as of the fiscal year 2013-2014 was down 57.7% from the previous year. That of slot machines actually fell by 9.86%, while the gross gaming revenue from table games plummeted by 20.88%. Occupancy rate also followed the downward trajectory with a decline of 10.66% for casino activities. These figures evidenced the balance sheet of November 1, 2013 to October 31, 2014.

According to officials at Partouche’s Berck Le Touquet Casino, there are two reasons behind this continual decline in revenue: the current shady economic situation the city is facing, and the opening of a rival casino in Fort-Mahon. Apart from these facts, the decline in the purchasing power of the customers somewhat brought down the casino’s attendance rate and the amount of bets put by the players. As Fort-Mahon Casino officially entered the market in June 2013, things have been getting worse at Berck Le Touquet since then, adding to it is the fierce competition with internet-based gambling. Wisely decided, the municipality via Mayor “Bruno Cousein” came up in 2014 with a decision not to scale up the GGR taxes. Subsequently, the municipal tax was set to 10% to € 405,000 against € 450,000 the previous year.

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