Arev Finance considers giving a fresher look to its casino in Vic-sur-Cère – France

The downswing trajectory in casino revenues in France is a big concern both for city-based casino facilities and those in the surrounding municipalities. Almost every gaming room is suffering from a compromising occupancy rate and an ever-decreasing revenue figure. To tackle this situation, numerous are the casino developers who are currently looking for ways to boost their businesses. Some bet on diversifying their offerings while the others are considering giving a distinctly different look to their premises. Arev Finance Group, a developer which actually runs four casino facilities in Auvergne region, seems to be eager to embrace this second option. Indeed, the group is planning to cloth the current gaming establishment in Vic-sur-Cère (Cantal) with an all-new casino.

Recall that the Vic-sur-Cère casino opened its doors in 2000 and currently has 45 slot machines and blackjack tables. During the last decade, the room has been suffering from a decreasing number of customers. Its turnover has tumbled by 30 to 35%. Apart from the crisis and the decline in purchasing power, some industry analysts blame the current decision by the Government with regards to smoking ban and entrance checking. Anyway, the idea to set up a new gambling establishment could come as the municipality has been luring developers a totally new industrial zone in the area. Located off the National Highway 122, the site is undoubtedly a great place to house a new gaming premise. Arev Finance President “Antoine Arévian” said the group is geared up to invest € 1.5 million in the project.

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