Anne Arundel County was granted $ 15 million from Maryland Live Casino – Maryland

According to the applicable laws that currently rule gaming businesses in the State of Maryland (USA), 4.5% of casino revenues must go to the local community. Maryland Live Casino is one of the most successful gaming establishments in the state. And each time a gambler spins a slot machine at Maryland Live, Anne Arundel County earns a tiny part of the bet. Recently, the facility granted $ 15 million to the county. That gigantic amount of grant money will be used to support different organizations, namely those in healthcare, education and social services, said Anne Arundel County Executive, “Steve Schuch”.

Speaking of where the money will go, Anne Arundel Fire Department, for instance, will get more than $ 6.8 million. Anne Arundel Police, for their part, will be given more than $ 3.2 million while the County’s Community College will have $ 1.7 million. With that tax revenue figure, Maryland Live unquestionably contributes to improving the quality of life of Anne Arundel County’s residents. It is worth noting that the Local Development Council chooses the establishments that need a part of the grant money. According to Anne Arundel Community College President, “Dawn Lindsay”, the partnership with the college and the casino gave birth to a casino dealer school from which unemployed people from the region can learn potential skills to earn a living in the industry.

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