A sector in regression – Online gambling

There is a month, the French Association of Online Games (AFJEL) signed a press release revealing a mixed picture of the entire sector after five years of opening of the market to competition. Everything is not pink and the announcement of new online gaming sites closing is not an encouraging sign. Operators gathered in this association speak of real uncertainty about the future online casino and other online gambling in the coming months. If nothing is done, online poker rooms may close one after the other. According to the latest report of the French Regulatory Authority of Online Games (ARJEL), that authority had issued 35 gaming licenses in 2010.

But in December 2014, the ARJEL numbered only 17 operators in the list of licensed online gaming sites. According to the AFJEL, the decrease in the number of players in the sector is not due to a merger or consolidation of activities but a cessation of activities. Online poker rooms are the most affected by the closures. During the publication of this review, the AFJEL raised the case of a regulatory law that needs to be revised urgently. Indeed, the 2010 law is considered as asphyxiating operators especially in its tax component. This text establishes different forms of levies directly on the bets of players and not on gross gaming revenue (GGR).

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