A progression on liquidity sharing – French online poker

The presentation by the French government of its famous “Digital Agenda” held a few days ago at Gaïté Lyrique in Paris was another opportunity for the government to show its willingness to solve the problem of liquidity sharing on the European online poker market. For the moment, online casino is not yet in the program. The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls announced that the draft law on digital entertainment will be presented to the public on the web in the first weeks of July. French poker players will not have to wait long to have a law allowing the sharing of cash. After the many declarations of intent of the government through the Secretary of State for the Budget, things appear to moving.

In April, Christian Eckert announced during a meeting with officials of the ARJEL that new regulations on digital will integrate favorable solution about online poker liquidity sharing in Europe. Upon publication of the bill, operators and players will be invited to make their contributions in improving the text. The adoption of a law on the opening of liquidity is a long process that will have to go through the Council of State and the Council of Ministers before landing at the National Assembly. Even with the arrival of a new law, this division will not be possible until a bilateral agreement between ARJEL and a European online games regulatory authority.

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