A new casino to open in Vannes

Vannes, one of the most frequented tourist destination in France, is now a few days from celebrating the inauguration of its new casino. Actually, the gaming facility projects to open its doors by June 17. This 450m2 gaming facility will be serving lovers of game of chance and gambling from “Parc du Golfe” soon. May we remind you that the new casino is housed in the premises of the old “l’Ephémère”building. Since Easter, the operator has spent about € 800,000 to complete the final construction phase, part of which has been used to give the floors and ceilings a totally new look, as well as covering the electrical installation cost. For a good start, the casino plans to recruit 35 employees. They are currently receiving training in Quiberon.

It is also worth mentioning that the current Parc du Golfe casino is only a temporary one. That said, it will not be operational for long. The € 13 million casino is expected to open by summer 2017. By that year, the interim casino premise will be used as a parking lot. Pending the opening of that Vannes-based casino, Parc du Golfe poker enthusiasts can indulge in their games at the actual room which will feature a wide parking lot for 35 cars, an enticing range of gaming offers, including 65 slot machines, electronic roulette, English roulette, and black jack games.

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