A luxurious Hotel & Casino complex to emerge in Grand-Gaube – Mauritius

Desmond Chu, a young trader who has made a fortune in Hong Kong recently headed back to his native land and projected to build a 5-star hotel with a private casino premise. The project in question will be built in Grand-Gaube, a beautiful city located northeast of Mauritius. Spacious and sparkingly somptuous, the casino is reportedly designed to become the region’s number one gaming destination. The young operator plans to invest Rs 5 billion (rupees) to make the project a reality. Optimistic, government officials believe that the complex whcich will ofer casino game will help boost the island’s tourism industry, especially with the great flow of Asian tourists visiting Mauritius.

So far, visitors from China claim the biggest part of tourist flow in Mauritius, lending evidence to the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns launched in China. Most of them are from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. Of course, tax revenues from the gaming facility will also benefit the state. Undoubtedly, a private-run casino will generate a relatively high turnover in Mauritius. According to a recent report, the Mauritian government pulled in Rs 2 billion from revenues generated by the existing casino and gambling rooms in the country. Any way, no further detail about the project is available yet. But reality is that the former St-Antoine sugar refinery is ripe enough to house the project.

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